B League Roundup- February 10th

6 Jerks and a Dribble-36 Kappers-33

6 Jerks and a Dribble defeated The Kappers by 3 in the most physical game this IM season. Both teams were able to hold the offenses to under 40 points. Justin Miller lead the Jerks with 18 points. Brandon paced the Kappers with 10. 6 Jerks and a Dribble moved to 3-0 and the Kappers to 0-3 at the midpoint of the season.


Rosscue Dash won via forfeit.


Fall 2013 Flag Football Men’s A Champs- Boyz in da Hood

Fall 2013 Falg Football Men's A Champs- Boyz in da Hood

After seating every record in the book during the regular season, Boyz in da Hood weren’t finished yet. Outscoring opponents by a whopping 294 points in the regular season , Boyz in da Hood lead the league in most points scored for (326) and least points given up (32). As they cruised through the first two rounds of the play-offs their final challenge would be against Nighttime. Boyz in da Hood’s quarterback, Justin Budai, was ready for that challenge. Lighting up the night’s air, Budai passed for 6 touchdowns to four different receivers, Justin Bucci (2), Phil Ross (2), Brett Chieze (1), and Zach Reichard (1).
Final Score Boyz in da Hood 42, Nighttime 0.


Fall 2013 Flag Football Men’s B Champs- The Defending Champs

Fall 2013 Flag Football Men's B Champs- The Defending Champs

After an impressive 4-1 season, The Defending Champs rolled into the play-offs on a mission; to defend their Championship title. In the title game, The Defending Champs faced up against AXP Be-MEN. Both teams coming into the game with 4-1 records, it looked to be a very close game. Josh Cleary of The Defending Champs had something else in mind. Cleary picked apart the AXP defense and lead his team to four touchdowns in the air. Cleary found Matthew Kuban (2), Aaron Hartman (1), and Matthew Corkery (1) all in the endzone for touchdowns. AXP Be_MEN tried to hold on as Brandon Catherman passed the ball to Paul Swank and Daniel Kitchen for touchdowns but fell short 28-13.


Fall 2013 Flag Football Co-Rec Champs – Circle Triangle Square

Fall 2013 Flag Football Co-Rec Champs - Circle Triangle Square

Circle Triangle Square faced up against the 1-seeded Delta Phi Epsilon in the championship game. Falling to Delta Phi Epsilon in the regular season 30-20, Circle Triangle Square was seeking to even the score in the play-offs. Once again trailing at half-time, Circle Triangle Square made a tremendous push in the second half for the title. Circle Triangle Square took home the Championship with the final score of 23-20.

Flag Football Play-offs to begin on Sunday 10/27

With the regular season ending on Tuesday, each game is going to become tighter and more never racking than the last. There will be tough competition, high scoring and shut down defense. With there be a Cinderella story in the making or will the big dogs come to eat. Either way, it should be a very entertain post-season.

Sunday 10/27/13
KDR Kappers (5) vs Team Ramrod (12) Men’s B 7:30pm
Funger Squad (6) vs Kay Fa Digital (11) Men’s B 7:30pm
The Defending Champs (4) vs Victorious Secrets (13) Men’s B 8:30pm
Airborne (3) vs Founding Fathers (14) Men’s B 8:30pm
cream pie (8)  vs G-Blockers (9) Men’s B 9:30pm
The Scrubs (7) vs Phi Delt Owls (10) Men’s B 9:30pm
The Above Average BMI’s  (1) vs Dreamchasers (16) Men’s B 10:30pm
AXP Be-MEN (2) vs The Pizzas (15) Men’s B 10:30pm

Monday 10/28/13
APD Boys (5) vs The Justice League (12) Men’s A 8pm
The Empire (8) vs R2 (9) Men’s A 8pm
Speed Kills (7) vs AXP Crows (10) Men’s A 9pm
Team OVO (4) vs Zeta Tau Alpha (5) Co-Rec 10pm

Tuesday 10/29/13
Men’s B Quarter Finals 9 and 10 pm

Wednesday 10/30/13
Delta Phi Epsilon (1) vs Winner 4/5 Co-Rec 8pm
Circle Triangle Square (2) vs Delta Zeta (3) Co-Rec 8pm
Colonial Thunder (4) vs Winner 5/12 Seed Men’s A 9pm
Boyz in da Hood (1) vs Winner 8/9 Seed Men’s A 9pm
Nighttime (2) vs Winner 7/10 Seed Men’s A 10pm
Ross Hall or Die (3) vs Iron Phis (6) Men’s A 10pm

Sunday 11/3/13
Men’s B Semi-Finals 7:30pm
Men’s A Semi-Finals 8:30 pm

Monday 11/4/13
Championship Night
Co-Rec Championship Game 8pm
Men’s A Championship Game 9pm
Men’s B Championship Game 10pm

Flag Football- Tuesday October 22

The Above Average BMI’s were more than above average as they took on The Defending Champs. With excellent play calling, and precision passing Eric Buck of The Above Average BMI’s lead his team to victory. Finding Brett Moorman 4 times and Dylan Dan once, Buck threw for 5 passing TDs and rushed for a 6th. As for The Defending Champs, there offensive attack seemed very limited, but Josh Cleary was still able to find Aaron Hartman for an impressive 4 touchdowns. There could definitely a rematch down the road for these two teams as we head into the play-offs.
The Above Average BMI’s- 40
The Defending Champs- 27

Speed Kills and Ross Hall both have been playing their hearts out all season. In their last regular season game, both teams were itching to try and make a leap for a higher seed. As the game progressed, Ross Hall jumped out early to a 14 to 7 lead at half. Able to match Speed Kills point for point in the second half, Ross Hall held on for the victory. Travis Uber had a passing TD and Marlon Carr had a receiving TD for Ross Hall, as RJ Minefield passed for 2 scoring plays and Jarod Johnson had two receiving TDs for Speed Kills.
Speed Kills – 21
Ross Hall or Die- 28