Looking for some good nutrition tips?


Go check out choosemyplate.gov!


IM Basketball Champions

Last night the 5v5 Basketball leagues finished up their championship games. After a long season the champions were declared. For the Co-Rec League, The Cereal Killers took home the win. For the Men’s B League, Mike Hawk Squad captured the game. For the Men’s A League, OTF claimed the victory. Here are some pictures of the winners below:

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CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and to everyone on there season!

5v5 Basketball

5v5 Intramural Basketball has kicked off its season with over 40 teams in men’s and co-rec leagues. In the Men’s A league team Flint Tropica started off their season with a win. Their captain, TJ Fox, has this to say about the game, “the best thing about intramural is everyone has a chance to win and you can’t judge a team until you play them.”



The Cereal Killers, Mike Hawk Squad, OTF, and many others have started off their intramural season with a win as well. With the season just starting off and as Fox said, anyone has a chance to win!

Frosty Outdoor Activities


As the winter weather rolls in being outdoors may not be the first thing to come to mind. We want to encourage you to go outdoors and enjoy the frosty season with our outdoor recreational activities that are planned throughout the semester. Multiple opportunities are offered to promote outdoor fun and new, memorable experiences for the students to enjoy.

In the winter season you’re able to sign up to go downhill skiing or snowboarding at Seven Springs, snowshoeing, and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate after a day of hiking. If one must hibernate all winter we are also offering outdoor activities later in the semester including caving, Homestead history walk & Banff film festival, and a service outing in April.  Remember to layer and go outside!


A few weeks ago Saad Binhashim bowled a 300!! This is what he had to say about this fantastic moment in his bowling career: “There is nothing impossible everybody can get 300. I always try to get higher score and focus in the target. When I got 300 I was happy, but it’s a strange feeling that I never felt before; but was a great feeling. ”

Bowling copy

Congratulations Saad on a great achievement! Keep reminding everyone that nothing is impossible!





What Walking Can Do For You

With the rise in physical inactivity, a public health issue has emerged.  This has called for a promotion to exercise and decrease sedentary lifestyles that have been developing. Walking is an easy, cheap, and accessible form of exercise that has multiple benefits from performing. The American Exercise Council has denoted seven main benefits for walking including:

  1. Energy level boost                           
  2. Increased energy expenditure     
  3. Improves strength and function of the heart                     
  4. Improves oxygen flow through the body
  5. Reduces effects of sitting
  6. Way of transportation
  7. Enhances problem solving skills


ACE also recommends tips for an optimal walking experience:

  • Find a safe and practical location
  • Make a time to walk every or most days of the week and stick to it
  • Walk to music to help boost energy and keep you motivated
  • Start off small, don’t jump into walking 5 miles a day right off the bat
  • Set a goal and once you achieve that goal set a new and more challenging one
  • Step up your routine with weighted vests, incorporated lunges, side steps, walking backwards, or walking in intervals


So next time take the stairs, walk to class, and move around if you have been sitting for a while! Stay moving because some is better than none!

RMU 3 on 3 Basketball Update

Men’s 3 on 3 intramural basketball kicked off this past Wednesday night at the Sewall Arena. After one night teams are still in a feeling out process, but several teams boast perfect records. Pippen Ain’t Easy (Matthew Leach,Darius Boxley, and Quaheem Brown) and the Monstars (David WrightJarod JohnsonDevon LeasureDavid Orellana, and Tony Romanello) are the only 2-0 teams in the league. This upcoming Sunday night’s games in Sewall Arena should start to create more separation among the contenders and pretenders.